About Kevin Cortright

Kevin Cortright came to the field of law with a variety of experiences that have shaped his career as an attorney. Before receiving his own Juris Doctorate, he first worked for an insurance defense firm that taught him the importance of organization and discipline as tools in winning lawsuits.

Preparing For Legal Service

Early in his professional career, Kevin Cortright worked in the field of bankruptcy and personal injury as the senior law clerk and later managing partner of another firm. He saw firsthand how clients’ lives could be devastated by incidents out of their control, ranging from serious car accidents to being bitten by a neighbor’s dog. In addition, he heard numerous stories of how spiraling financial problems can take over people’s lives and prevent them from moving ahead.

Establishing The Law Offices Of Kevin Cortright

After obtaining his Juris Doctorate from the La Verne School of Law in 2005, he set up practice in Murrieta within Riverside County. He found himself once again working with clients in need of representation in personal injury cases, work-related injuries, and bankruptcy. Over the years, he learned that listening to clients was essential to effectively developing a plan to fight for them in personal injury, workers’ compensation, and bankruptcy cases. With this knowledge, he developed a reputation as an attorney who pays close attention when clients are presenting their story. He has been able to use this information in negotiating with opposing attorneys and presenting matters before the court, which leads to excellent results for clients.