About Attorney Kevin Cortright

Kevin Cortright came to the field of law with a variety of experiences that have shaped his career as an attorney. Before receiving his own Juris Doctorate, he first worked for an insurance defense firm that taught him the importance of organization and discipline as tools in winning lawsuits.

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Knowledge
  • Compassion

These concepts represent the foundation of Kevin Cortright’s legal practice.

As a young law clerk, Kevin witnessed how swiftly lives could be devastated by circumstances beyond the client’s control. And once the familiar patterns of life were disrupted, financial hardship often followed. Kevin recognized that by focusing on Worker’s Compensation and Bankruptcy law he could be of service to people desperately in need of assistance.

“People seek out my services during uncertain and upsetting situations, and my job is to understand their circumstances and guide them toward a positive outcome. The law can be complicated even for professionals, and when people are injured or anxious that is not the time to do-it-yourself! Specific baselines need to be established in injury cases; timelines need to be met in all cases. I and my team are experts; we will work hard to earn your trust.”

Kevin established his practice in Riverside County in 2005. His natural ability to listen closely to clients and respect their needs has led to consistently successful outcomes, and has earned Kevin a sterling reputation in the community.

“If you have suffered a workplace injury or are in need of debt relief solutions, please contact my office for a free consultation. We are here to help.”