About The Firm

When you select an attorney to handle your personal injury, workers' compensation, or bankruptcy case, you may wonder whether you have a good chance of success. You may assume that a large firm has more resources to devote to your case, which could result in a better outcome for you.

Personal Service From The Attorney You Choose

However, just the opposite may be true. Large firms may be handling hundreds of cases at the same time, which means that your case is in the hands of someone who may be overburdened. In contrast, obtaining services from a smaller firm such as the Law Offices of Kevin Cortright ensures that your personal injury, workers compensation, or bankruptcy case will be handled by the person whose name is on the door, not an overburdened junior attorney.

Kevin Cortright is the sole attorney in his office, which is also staffed with paralegals and other staff members who file your bankruptcy or workers compensation case, prepare needed paperwork when necessary, and handle other tasks. When you come to this firm, you will benefit from the efficiency of the support personnel, but it will be Kevin Cortright himself who will personally handle your case. He will be the one who will meet with you in your free, initial consultation and the attorney who will argue in your behalf at the settlement table or before the court. When you have questions about the process, it will be Kevin himself who will address your concerns.