When Do I File For Bankruptcy In Palm Springs?

Bryan Gallo of NBC News Palm Springs Interviews Attorney Kevin Cortright about how bankruptcy in Palm Springs works. They also go over the differences between certain kinds of bankruptcies and when is the right time to file a bankruptcy.

How Does Bankruptcy In Palm Springs Work?

Bankruptcy is a legal process that helps people get their debt back in control, eliminate debt, or restructure their debt. Although most people fear filing bankruptcy or refuse to do it, it can be extremely helpful to their financial situation. It is important to make a decision at a certain point if you are really in trouble, because it can only get better from there!

When it comes to bankruptcy, being “in trouble” can mean very different things for different people. Usually, if you are in the situation where you are only paying your minimum debt each month – then you are in trouble! By only paying your minimum debt each month, your debt isn’t going down.

If you have maxed out your credit cards and can’t picture coming back from it, or on the edge paying the bare minimum then it is time to start considering filing for bankruptcy in Palm Springs.

What Are The Different Chapters Of Bankruptcy In Palm Springs?bankruptcy in palm springs

There are a few different kinds of bankruptcy that apply to individuals. One of these types is Chapter 7 bankruptcy. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy eliminates all of your debt. Another kind is a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This kind of bankruptcy is good for restructuring your debt, which means that you are able to pay it back under different terms that are put into place by the court.

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