Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer in Palm Springs

Bryan Gallo of NBC Palm Springs interviews Chapter 7 Bankruptcy lawyer in Palm Springs Kevin Cortright about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. 

What should you do if your bills have become overwhelming? Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a good option for somebody with average to low income. If you are stressed out by debt, not sleeping at night, fighting with a spouse about finances, or living paycheck to paycheck – then it’s right for you.

Although there is a stigma that it is a scary process, it isn’t and can fix many problems for you. These include money problems such as your phone ringing off the hook or only being able to pay your minimum monthly bills and making little to no progress on your debt.

Filing with a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy lawyer in Palm Springs might be the best option

There are many benefits of filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. These include immediate benefits such as automatic stay, or when creditors are ordered by the court to leave you alone. They no longer can call you and your bills stop coming in immediately. There are also long term benefits such as your debt being completely wiped away.

This is a legal process, and it can help you get your financial life back under control. Most people believe that all debt can be eliminated, however that is not true. The debt that is covered under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy includes unsecured debts, such as credit cards, repo on cars, judgments, lawsuits, and even taxes. Most people don’t know that taxes are included on this list, but they have the possibility of being discharged if they are more than three years old. If you have been suffering with unceasing bills and calls, then it can be a huge relief to get debt collectors or the IRS off your back.

chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in palm springsOne of peoples biggest concerns when thinking about filing for bankruptcy is that all of their property will be taken away from them. However, that is far from the truth. There are exemptions that can be made to protect property, cash, retirement savings, and even homes. Very seldom do people lose their property, and it is obvious going in that it will happen.

Kevin Cortright, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer in Palm Springs, can walk you through your situation.

Mr. Cortright will talk to you about your assets, get lists of them, apply bankruptcy exemptions, and leave you at ease that everything is protected that is important to you. With processing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, there is silver lining and there can be a positive light at the end of the tunnel. Call Kevin Cortright today, and see immediate relief from your debts.

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