The Law Offices of Kevin Cortright Announces Pedestrian Personal Injury Case Settlement

Palm Springs Law Office settles Pedestrian Personal Injury Case for Mid to High 5 Figures in Victorious Case

Palm Springs, CA– Lawyer Kevin Cortright of Palm Springs was overwhelmingly successful in his most recent Personal Injury case involving his client who was in struck by a vehicle while crossing the street. Mr. Cortright secured the settlement for his client at Mid to High 5 Figures, with costs being covered for pain and suffering, medical bills. Through negotiation Kevin Cortright was able to obtain a settlement that his client deserved and which will help to put their life back on track after their accident.

” While all facts where not in our favor due to my client not being in a cross walk at the time of the accident, we still prevailed. Just because someone is not in a cross walk does not justify hitting them with a car. Drivers need to be careful while driving and should expect to see people crossing the street in different locations” Attorney Kevin Cortright

Pedestrian Personal Injury

Pedestrian Personal Injury

” I was pleasantly surprised by the settlement achieved by Mr. Cortright on my case. I was told by the drivers insurance company that the accident was my fault and they refused to cover my medical expenses. Mr. Cortright investigated the accident and provided the facts and law that proved the wrong.” Client

After analyzing the case and identifying the liable parties, The Law Offices of Kevin Cortright made sure that their client received proper medical evaluation and an accurate evaluation of their current losses as well as future losses resulting from the accident. Mr. Cortright fought for the client to be properly compensated in spite of the insurance company’s efforts to settle the case as cheaply as possible with no regard to the person who was harmed.

About The Law Offices of Kevin Cortright: Kevin Cortright is a licensed lawyer in the state of California. He has also worked in insurance defense, and at another firm as a managing partner before opening his own. He, and his staff members handle their clients’ cases with years of experience and a dedication to success. Mr. Cortright has offices both in Murrieta, CA and Palm Springs, CA where he practices Personal Injury law, Bankruptcy Law, and Workers’ Compensation law.