Palm Springs Personal Injury Attorney Kevin Cortright Settles a Bicycle Versus SUV Accident

Lawyer Kevin Cortright of Palm Springs was successful in his most recent Personal Injury case involving his client who was in a bicycle versus SUV accident. Mr. Cortright secured the settlement for his client through smart investigation and negotiation. He was able to obtain a settlement that his client deserved to help put their life back on track after their accident.

bicycle versus SUV accident

Kevin Cortright says that “Bike accidents are almost always bad accidents involving serious injuries to the bicyclist. Unfortunately, on many occasions the bicycle rider does not even remember how the accident happened due to their serious injuries. In situations like this I bring in an accident reconstruction expert to determine that the bicyclist had entered the intersection prior to the vehicle that hit him. This information was very useful in getting this current case to settle at mediation.”

After analyzing the case and identifying the liable parties, The Law Offices of Kevin Cortright made sure that their client received proper medical evaluation and an accurate evaluation of their current losses as well as future losses resulting from the accident. Kevin fought for the client to be properly compensated for the pain and damage that the accident caused in their life.

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