How much does a lawyer charge for chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Advertised rates vary widely for chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can see adds advertising zero down! $795 that are meant to entice you to call. But these rates quickly change when you call the law office with added fees. Some attorneys will charge you extra if you and your spouse are filling jointly, or if you own a house. Be aware of extra fees that quickly raise the price of filing your chapter 7 bankruptcy. In Riverside County the average attorney is charging anywhere from $1500 to $2500 for chapter 7 bankruptcies.

What should you look for so you do not get overcharged?

Look for an attorney or law firm that charges a flat fee for chapter 7 bankruptcy and does not add on additional charges. Ask for the fee up front. The fee quoted should cover the legal fees, and the filing fee. The only charges that are usually outside of this fee are the credit counseling and credit report fee which should be around $50. When you schedule your consultation with my office, I will gladly tell you about my rate up front, no hidden charges.

Additionally, payment plans are available, but all fees must be paid before your case can be filed with the bankruptcy court (this is a requirement of the bankruptcy court). Most clients prefer to pay the entire bankruptcy up front, this allows their case to be filled immediately. Others have to pay over a period of time due to their financial situation, but it does delay the filing of the bankruptcy petition. I allow the client to determine the payment plan, I have had clients pay as little as $100 a month.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy Charge