Palm Springs Bicycle Accident

Bicycle Accident Injures Rider in Palm Springs

Yet another unfortunate Palm Springs Bicycle Accident occurred on Palm Canyon Drive in the busy downtown area in February. The bicyclist was heading southbound just before Arenas, when a car pulled out that had been previously parallel parked. The bicyclist was able to move to the left of the lane to avoid the car pulling out. But unfortunately another car was simultaneously merging into the bicyclist lane. The merging vehicle then collided with the bicyclist knocking him to the ground and causing severe injuries. Police and Paramedics were called to the scene and the bicyclist was transported to the hospital.

Authorities are still looking for the car that pulled away from the curb. It did not stop for the accident. It is unclear if they even new that they were a contributing factor to the accident.

Palm Springs Bicycle Accident Attorney Kevin Cortright

Palm Springs Bicycle Accident Attorney

Palm Springs Bicycle Accident Attorney

The Law Offices of Kevin Cortright has been retained to represent the interests of the injured bicyclist. Mr. Cortright stated that this is the second car versus bicycle accident he has been retained for already this year. It is always unfortunate when someone on a bicycle is hit by a car as the resulting injuries are usually severe. It should go without saying that you should always wear your helmet while riding your bike. It is amazing how much those light weight helmets actually protect your head from more severe injuries. Also always be aware of your surroundings because if a car does not see you it is more likely to run into you.

If you have been hit or injured while riding your bike seek immediate medical care as needed. Then contact the Law Offices of Kevin Cortright for aggressive legal representation of your claim. Mr. Cortright offers a free consultation for bike accidents.