Are You Worried About Going to Court Following a Car Accident?

According to the United States Census Bureau, there are 10.8 million car accidents in the United States every year. In a country of more than 200 million drivers, auto accidents are an unavoidable fact of life. Unfortunately, the rate of car accidents in this country has a serious impact, both on the financial and medical well-being of Americans. CBS News estimates car accident compensation for repairs and medical bills costs Americans $300 billion every year.

What if you’ve been in an accident? How can you get the financial reparations to cover your own repair bills and medical costs? More often than not, the amounts paid by your insurance provider won’t cover your needs entirely. Do you have to go to court, or is there another way?

Auto Accident Lawyers Generally Agree on Car Accident Settlements out of Court

As, an online legal website and community, writes, most auto accident lawyers will avoid going to court at all costs. Why? It’s a more risky route to go for both sides. Both the auto accident attorney representing the plaintiff and the defendant realize that taking a car accident injury claim to court and finding success relies entirely on the jury. Plus, when you take into consideration exuberant court fees, it isn’t always the best option financially to take your chances in a court room. Since experienced injury attorneys know what an injury, a repair bill, or medical bills are worth when it comes down to settling a case out of court, you’re likely to avoid litigation.

What if You Do Have to Go to Court?

Having said that, if you and the other party do not agree to the terms set forth in the settlement, you can and should insist that your auto accident lawyers take the case to the courtroom. In that case, you need to keep the following in mind:

Court Fees Vary, but Add up Quickly

The biggest issue with going to court is the cost. The fees you’ll be expected to pay when filing a claim vary from state to state and based on the lawsuit type. For example, according to the Supreme Court of Missouri, it costs $10 to file a small claims case in Missouri, plus additional fees. If you win your case, the defendant generally will be responsible for paying the fees. However, if you lose, the court fees will be your responsibility. In effect, you could lose money by going to court.

Success is Not a Guarantee, Even with Auto Accident Lawyers

Even if you head to court with experienced auto injury lawyers, the fact is that a positive outcome can never be guaranteed. Experienced auto accident lawyers have the knowledge of the law and the litigation expertise to give you the best chance possible, but past experience cannot ensure future success. Heading to court means you’re taking your chances.

If your vehicle was damaged or you’ve been injured in a car accident, legal representation may be necessary. Just remember, it is often better to settle out of court than to insist on litigation.