Should I Contact a Palm Springs Injury Lawyer?

Bryan Gallo of NBC News Palm Springs Interviews Palm Springs Injury Lawyer Kevin Cortright about the differences between personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. They also discuss how you know when to contact a Palm Springs Injury Lawyer after injury as well as the importance of having legal counsel during these times.

Contacting a Palm Springs Injury Lawyer and the difference between a personal injury and a work injury

While some might not realize that there is a difference between a personal injury case and workers’ compensation case, there are a few key points that make them separate issues. While an attorney such as Kevin Cortright handles all kinds of injury cases, a personal injury case is classified as something that happens outside of work, such as a car accident, getting hit on a bike, dog bites, and everything in between. On the other hand, a workers’ compensation case would consist of an injury that happens while you are on the job.

Workers’ Compensation and Palm Springs Injury Lawyer in California

Workers’ compensation in California is unique, as it has a “no fault” system. This system ensures that no matter who’s fault the accident is, you will be helped financially while you are out of work due to your injury. Some workers’ compensation injuries are obvious, they are a one time accident that causes an injury, rendering you unable to work. However, there are instances such as cumulative trauma, or an injury that happens over time at the work place, that some people don’t even consider getting monetary help for. A work injury can include things like arthritis from lifting things over and over or even carpal tunnel from making the same motions day in and day out.

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What keeps people from calling a Palm Springs Injury Lawyer when they incur a work injury?

Many people do not call an attorney in these situations because they are afraid of making the call or deterred for a few different reasons. One of these reasons can be that they don’t want their employer to know that they are getting a lawyer. However, it’s up to you to protect yourself. Your employer will be consulting a lawyer after a work injury occurs, and so should you. You need someone on your side – and your employer will almost always have their own best interest in mind. If you get hurt on the job, you should be provided medical care and compensation.

Kevin Cortright will listen to your concerns and come up with solutions to your problems. He will give you your options and then you can decide how to move forward.