Ways to stay away from being bitten by a dog and exactly what to do if you are bitten

Murrieta Dog Bite Attorney Kevin Cortright

Murrieta Dog Bite Attorney Kevin Cortright

Ways to stay away from being bitten by a dog and exactly what to do if you are bitten, composed by Wildomar Dog Bite Attorney Kevin Cortright.

Stats has it that 4.7 million individuals obtain bitten by dogs annual. These attacks vary from small nips to significant assaults.

Dog is man’s best pal, not his worst enemy. To make it remain that way means, following some of the tips below.

Ways to Stay clear of being Bitten by A Dog

1. Do not Move toward a Strange Dog.

It is a big no-no to go near any type of dog you come across and find adorable, specifically when that dog is linked or placed behind a fencing or if it is in a vehicle. A unfamiliar or new dog might assume that you are endangering him or you are a burglar.

2. Do not Merely Approach A Dog.

It is not advisable for anyone to suddenly simply pet a dog, also his or her very own dog, without permitting him smell and identify you.

3. Do not Ever Turn Your Back to a Dog Simply to Flee

This animal’s instinct will dictate it chase after and catch you. So, escaping is not a good alternative.

4. Don’t Agitate a Dog

When a dog is sleeping, chewing on food or on anything, caring for her puppies or consuming food, it could become shocked or startled.

Exactly how to Bite-Proof Your Own Dog

1. Neuter or spay your dog to lessen its possibility to wander and bite someone else.

2. Make it socialize to decrease its being stressed when a great deal of individuals are about.

3. When it’s merely for enjoyable, train your dog to not chase after any individual even.

4. License your dog, and make sure it receives its rabies vaccinations.

5. Never ever permit your dog wander alone.

6. Get your dog professionally trained to obey you.

Points to Do if You are Bitten by A Dog.

1. Never Panic.

This will only worsen the circumstance. Stay calm and make certain that you make rational decisions.

2. Take care of the Wound Promptly.

Wash the wound completely with cleansing soap and warm water. This ought to be done right away. Contact your medical professional for more treatment and assistance.

3. Contact and tell the Animal Control in Your Area regarding the Bite.

Record to the animal control employees all the information you can provide concerning the dog. If it is a stray dog, explain the dog, where you saw him, whether you recognize with it as well as the location of the owner if known.

4. Call Wildomar Dog Bite Attorney Kevin Cortright for a cost-free legal consultation to discuss your legal options.