Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is for Average to High Income Earners

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is an excellent tool for debtors that are behind on house payments, car payments, or who do not qualiy for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. While Chapter 13 Bankruptcy has a negative reputation it is really a powerful legal tool to get your finances back on track. With Chapter 13 Bankrutpcy we can restructure past due house or car payments allowing you to become current on your mortgage or loan. We can also restructure IRS debt and stop the penalties and interest from continuing.

When you schedule a FREE phone consultation we will discuss the differences between a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. During this discussion I will explain which option is best for your specific financial situation.

Chapter 13 Stops Financial Stress
Bankruptcy Stops IRS Issues
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Stops Car Reposssessions

Chapter 13 can relieve financial stress by restructuring debt, eliminating interest rates and penalties. And even pay pennies on the dollar depending on your ability to pay.

With a Chapter 13 you can restructure your past due tax debt. You can also stop the interest and penalties that are being charged. Best thing is we do not have to talk to the IRS about it, the court determines what they will get paid and when.

If you are behind on your car payments a Chapter 13 will restructure the past due portion of your loan over 36-60 months. And in certain circumstances we can even lower the amount you owe on the remaining loan.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Stops Credit Card Debt
Bankruptcy Stops Phone Calls
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Stops Home Foreclosures

In a Chapter 13 Bankrutpcy we restructure your credit card debt, usually paying pennies on the dollar. Additionally interest rates and penalties are stopped upon filing of the bankruptcy.

Stop the madness of your phone ringing off the hook from your creditors trying to collect on past due bills. The filing of bankruptcy activates the automatic stay which makes creditors stop calling you instantly.

Home Foreclosures can be one of the most stressfull and scary financial issues anyone will ever face. Chapter 13 BK can restructure the past due payments making you current on your mortgage again.