Chiropractic care for those Injured at Work or in an Accident

Medical Care by a Chiropractor

If you have been injured in an accident you are entitled to chiropractic or orthopedic care at no charge to you. If you qualify my office can set you up with local chiropractors and orthopedic doctors who will treat your injuries. This medical treatment will be provided to you on a lien basis, meaning you do not have to pay for it up front. The doctor will keep track of your bills and will get paid when we settle your case. The amount of the bills along with the extent of your injuries will be used to settle a claim with the at fault parties insurance. This settlement then will be used to pay your medical liens, attorney fees, with the balance being paid to you in the form of an injury settlement.

So if you have been injured either in an an accident, or while at work contact my office today to see if you qualify for medical treatment at no up front costs. Seeking timely medical treatment is essential to your recovery and to your case.