Does it Matter if I did not get proper training prior to being injured on the job?

Injured on the job due to lack of training

I was injured at a warehouse job on my first day there training. I was being trained by a employer on how to use a forklift pallet. I was able to work the machine a did a track test with cones a few times. When doing it, it was like I was doing it on my own. The employer that was training me seemed as if he didn’t really want to be training me. I tried to reverse out, but by telling him before that I was left handed it would be a slight bit different. When trying to back out the forklift loss control to where my right ankle was completely smashed into a a garage door.

California is a no fault State when it comes to workers compensation injuries. So whether your employer or yourself was negligent it is not relevant to your workers compensation case. Under either scenario you are entitled to workers compensation benefits if you have been injured on the job.