Attorney Kevin Cortright Achieves $290,000 settlement for a Hemet Security Guard Injured On The Job

hemet security guard injuredA third-party workers compensation case was settled by Kevin Cortright for a Hemet security guard injured on the job. Both the employee’s Workers Compensation carrier and the facilities insurance carrier contributed to the combined settlement of $290,000.

The employee was injured while patrolling the premises at night when he tripped over chair mats that had been put on an exterior ramp while the facility was being cleaned at a previous time. The injured employee suffered orthopedic injuries to his body that inhibited his ability to properly work.

Attorney Kevin Cortright represented the worker in his case to its settled conclusion. He stated, “When investigating work injuries, it is important to identify if any third-party liability also exists. If anyone other than your employer is at fault for the injury, then there could be two claims to make – one against the employer for Workers’ Compensation, and another against the at fault party.” In this case, the at fault party was whomever left the chair mats out at the time of cleaning in an unsafe place.

hemet security guard injuredIt is important to find an attorney like Mr. Cortright who handles both Worker’s Compensation and Personal Injury claims, as there is usually significant overlap of Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury situations in at work accidents. Only an attorney that does both can insure the highest possible return for the pain that your injuries have caused. Mr. Cortright has successfully settled and won many types of Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury cases. He understands like no other that these injuries hurt not just the body but in fact affect every part of someone’s life. Having represented clients for more than ten years, he is incredibly passionate about serving his clients.


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