Who Should I Hire As My Lawyer In Palm Springs?

Born and raised in Southern California, Kevin Cortright is committed to being a lawyer in Palm Springs and serving its residents. He has been working in the Coachella Valley since 2009, and you can see his commercials on KMIR Palm Springs. Kevin Cortright is going into his fifteenth year of marriage. He has three kids all out of college and starting their careers. But how did he get started as an attorney for the Palm Springs area?

How Did Kevin Choose To Be A Lawyer in Palm Springs?

His first career was as an Operations Manager for Federal Express. He had always wanted to be a lawyer, but had a secure career and was comfortable However, one day when him and a coworker were making deliveries, they stopped by the University of La Verne. When his coworker went in to make a delivery, he went in to pick up an application.

lawyer in palm springsFrom there, the rest is history. Within a week of picking up the application Kevin had told his wife, won her support, and quit his job. He applied to the University of La Verne and graduated with his law degree.

Kevin Cortright is especially passionate about his career because he got to realize it a bit later in life as his second career. It is what he truly wants to do, and you can tell in his practice.

Why Did Kevin Choose To Be a Bankruptcy and Personal Injury Lawyer In Palm Springs?

He chose to Bankruptcy Law because it is meaningful to him to help people get over their debt and loose financial stressors. He also chose Workers’ Compensation Law and Personal Injury Law for similar reasons, as he feels it’s important to help people through their suffering when they are injured.

Kevin feels that as an attorney, the most important skill is listening. Contrary to popular belief, as most people see lawyers as good talkers, he thinks that his best skills lie in listening to his clients, the judge, and the jury. That is what wins him his cases.